Shell and BP South African Petroleum Refineries (SAPREF), Durban

This SAPREF reverse osmosis plant was designed, constructed and commissioned by Veolia South Africa.

This turnkey petrochemical water treatment project is a continuation of Veolia South Africa's flagship Durban Water Recycling Plant, whereby sewage from the surrounding domestic and industrial areas is recycled and clarified and supplied to the refinery as process water.

Water from the Durban Water Recycling Plant is directed to the reverse osmosis plant where it undergoes carbon filtration to remove impurities such as odours and organic compounds. The water then goes through two stages of reverse osmosis whereby it is forced through a semi-permeable membrane under high pressure to remove bacteria, viruses and undesirable dissolved salts.

The final stage involves the water being polished in a mixed bed to meet the required intake specifications. The water is then fit for use in high pressure boilers. Petrochemical water treatment helps to ensure that water meets stringent specifications and that it is fully demineralised before it is utilised in boilers.