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Digital launch of Baobab in Durban:

02-07-2020 - Durban

a third place dedicated to the circular economy and sustainable development in an urban environment, co-built by Veolia

#LivingCircular: Water reuse schemes offer win/win investment opportunities for public-private partners

13-11-2019 - Johannesburg, South Africa

Veolia Water Technologies’ Chris Braybrooke discusses the importance of removing barriers to PPPs for better water management.

Veolia Water Technologies supplies water purification for Port Elizabeth based pharmaceutical plant.

12-11-2019 - Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities require process water that meets strict standards of purity. Veolia provides packaged water purification solutions.

Veolia upgrades water treatment plant for Mozambique bottling plant

02-10-2019 - Johannesburg, South Africa

Veolia Water Technologies South Africa recently commissioned a new water treatment plant for Refrigerantes Spar Mozambique Lda, a bottling plant contracted to bottle Coca-Cola and other soft drink products in Mozambique. 

#LivingCircular: Digitisation optimises water use in food & beverage

11-09-2019 - Johannesburg, South Africa

Better use of water in our food and beverage industries will help us produce more food at lower cost. Chris Braybrooke discusses the digitisation of water in agri-food.

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