Water desalination technology from Veolia Water Technologies South Africa (Veolia) is creating potable, sustainable water solutions throughout the most barren parts of sub-Saharan and South Africa. Our environmentally conscious desalination solutions address both coastal and inland water shortage needs for small and large scale municipal and industrial production using methods tailored for these applications.

Our affordable desalination technology is designed to supplement existing fresh water supplies during droughts or high seasonal demand, produce fresh potable water for desert environments and eliminate the need to transport fresh water from other locations. Veolia's desalination solutions have enabled municipalities, small settlements and companies to treat both seawater and brackish water – creating an economical, renewable solution for the world's most important resource.

Desalination from Veolia

Desalination from Veolia South Africa comprises a number desalination plants for brackish and seawater desalination, as well as processes, technologies and chemicals, which have been tailored specifically to meet municipal and industry desalination requirements.

Whether you need fresh water on a small scale or large scale, Veolia will work with you to develop a desalination system tailored to your requirements. Find out how.

Desalination Plant

Desalination plants from Veolia South Africa include large scale municipal desalination plants, small scale plants for industry and municipalities, and brackish water desalination, also for both municipal and industrial use – either as process water or potable water. Small scale plants from Veolia are also called package plants or modular plants, and are typically used in remote locations and industrial sites.

Desalination Process and Design

Membrane processes and thermal processes are the two processes used by Veolia South Africa for desalination process and design. They are tailored to suit your plant construction and water treatment requirements with thermal processes using technologies like Multiple Effect Distillation and Multi-Stage Flash Distillation, while membrane processes make use of desalination by Reverse Osmosis. The processes include the use of various chemicals.

Desalination Technologies

Desalination technologies from Veolia South Africa comprises a water treatment process to realise both process and potable water. Technologies cover from intake water, following through to distillation, membrane solutions, remineralisation and then potable water. Desalination chemicals are also used in some of these technologies. Pretreatment for membrane treatment solution phase makes use of ACTIFLO®, MULTIFLO®, SPIDFLO™ and FILTRAFLO®.

Chemicals for Desalination

The Hydrex™ 4000 water treatment chemical from Veolia’s range of Hydrex™ chemicals is tailored for use with desalination processes and technologies. This specialised chemical was especially developed for reverse osmosis, nano- and ultra-filtration plants, making it the ideal chemical to optimise membrane processes. This range of water treatment chemicals is SABS- and ANSI-approved.

Desalination Package Plants

Also called modular plants or containerised plants, Veolia’s desalination package plants use Veolia’s technologies and chemicals to produce fresh water for temporary, small-scale and remote settlements in an environmentally responsible manner. These package plants fit into a compact and transportable container, and final water processed can be used for either industrial or municipal use, depending on the processes followed.

Brackish water desalination

With growing water shortages globally, roughly one quarter of all water desalination demand is for inland brackish water desalination systems. Veolia Water Technologies South Africa helps to turn inland brackish water and brine streams into a fresh, high-quality water source for drinking, bathing and irrigation with water desalination technology.

Inland desalination technology is ideal for arid landlocked regions which require acid mine drainage and other inland water streams with high levels of total dissolved solids to be turned into high-grade fresh water.

By separating salts, heavy metals and other molecules from brackish water, fresh water can be desalinated from brine streams and be used to supplement existing water supplies. Polluted water can also be reclaimed and made less environmentally hazardous with desalination technology.

Seawater Desalination

Desalinating seawater for large-scale municipal use is achieved via Veolia’s seawater desalination plants. Reverse osmosis, Multiple Effect Distillation and Multi-Stage Distillation are the Veolia technologies used to achieve seawater desalination, among others. Through the processes used, the technologies enable energy recovery from the high pressure membrane processes, reducing the plant’s carbon footprint.

Service and maintenance

Veolia offers a complete range of desalination plant services, including maintenance, membrane replacement and chemicals supply. Veolia Water Technologies South Africa will work with you to design, price, construct and operate a water desalination plant that suits your specific requirements.

Veolia's comprehensive service plan ensures that water desalination and treatment plants are operating optimally with fully maintained equipment. Services include contracts with on-site preventive and responsive maintenance, and technical support. By offering this professional desalination plant maintenance service, Veolia South Africa is instrumental in aiding plants to operate efficiently with minimal downtime and maximum cost savings through the supply of spare parts, consumables and more.

Whether for a large community or a smaller settlement in a water stressed region, Veolia can design, construct, operate and finance water desalination solutions that are environmentally-friendly and economical to operate. Click here to get more info.

Renewable energy

Veolia's desalination technology can create renewable energy

Energy recovery technology can help to significantly optimise a desalination plant's consumption. This desalination plant technology is able to recover energy from the high-pressure reverse osmosis membrane process, and significantly reduce running costs and the desalination plant's carbon footprint.

With more than 100 years of global desalination experience, Veolia Water Technologies is a leader in helping municipalities, small communities and other institutions around the world implement desalination strategies.


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