Desalination Package Plants

Desalination plants from Veolia Water Technologies South Africa uses tailored technologies to provide customers with an environmentally responsible and affordable way to create a freshwater resource for small scale, temporary and remote coastal settlements. Essentially, desalination package plants are desalination plant solutions for small scale water production for municipal or industrial use.

An entire desalination plant can fit into a mobile, easily installed and compact container, and can produce exceptional-quality fresh water for use by residents, agricultural farming and by industry. With desalination plant capacities starting at 0.075 mega litres per day, Veolia offers a complete range of desalination plant services, including maintenance, membrane replacement and chemicals supply. Package plants are a cost-effective system for companies in South Africa and Africa to use these treatment processes.

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Veolia provides leading desalination plant technology

With nearly 75% of the world's population living within 25 kilometres of the coast, and water availability predicted to become the world's number-one growth inhibitor, desalination plant technology offers a solution to a range of water shortage problems. Desalination plant technology can help you to:

  • Supplement existing fresh water supply during times of drought or higher seasonal demand (such as for holiday towns or military bases)
  • Bring fresh water to desert environments
  • Reduce the need to transport fresh water from other locations

Responsible desalination plant solutions

Energy recovery technology can help to significantly optimise a desalination plant's consumption. It recovers energy from the high-pressure reverse osmosis membrane process, significantly reducing running costs and lowering the desalination plant's carbon footprint.

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Important factors when considering desalination plant technology

Veolia analyses customers' required water volumes, water availability and the quality of available water to enable a comprehensive understanding of a desalination plant's role in improving water security.

To further offset a desalination plant's environmental impact, Veolia uses this data to find the best solution for disposing of high-salinity brine coming off the desalination plant's membrane processes. Options include discharging high-salinity water with treated wastewater with low salinity.

Desalination plant success

Holiday Resort - Mauritius

Two reverse osmosisseawater desalination plant solutions were supplied to a four star hotel in Mauritius. Each desalination plant produces approximately 0.0625 mega litres per day (totalling 0.125 mega litres per day), and features energy recovery technology to make the total solution as energy efficient as possible.

Cannon Rocks and Boknes - Eastern Cape

Veolia refurbished the Ndlambe Municipality's existing drinking water plant to produce 750 m3 of SANS 241-compliant potable water per day. Because seawater intrudes into the region's groundwater, the desalination plant is necessary to remove dissolved salts.

Once commissioned, Veolia operated and maintained the desalination plant for a period of 14 months, ensuring maximum efficiency and reliability.

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