Mobile Water Treatment Plants

Mobile Water Treatment Plants (MWTP™) from Veolia are complete 4x4-mounted mobile water treatment facilities used for potable water production to SANS241 and WHO standards.

The MWTPs vehicle mounting means they can be used as emergency water purification systems and mobile reverse osmosis water purification units – or where the only available water source is raw water. All units are pre-assembled and Factory Acceptance Tested, making them ready for immediate use upon delivery (plug-n-play functionality).

The numerous features and benefits and are used to supply water for numerous applications, including but not limited to:

  • Mining camps
  • Water stressed remote areas
  • Military operations
  • Human aid missions
  • Emergency municipal water supply
  • Any place, anywhere

Treat water to to SANS241 and WHO requirements ANYWHERE. Contact Veolia today.

Features and Benefits

Veolia’s MWTPs incorporate a self-priming feed water pump skid and CIP skid. It is also fully automated and additional features of this unique mobile water treatment plant include:

  • Integrated PLC and HMI
  • VFD for optimum performance and efficiency
  • Ceramic membranes for robust operation
  • Integrated compressor and air receiver for air scouring membranes
  • No toxic chemical waste stream
  • Integrated diesel generator

Some of the benefits of these unique plants are:

  • 4X4 off-road capability
  • Compact and reliable design
  • Proven Technology
  • Ease of operation
  • Short manufacture lead time
  • Quick installation and start-up
  • Rapid deployment

Veolia provides technologies and mobile water services for remote site applications. Find out more, contact Veolia today.

MWTP™ Efficiency And Processes

Clients can select either Ultrafiltration (UF) or Microfiltration (MF) membrane elements, depending on their application requirements. The removal efficiency of the processes is dependent on which of these membrane elements is selected.

Incoming water is fed to the 4X4 truck-mounted plants where it undergoes dosing, clarification and membrane filtration. Bacteria, viruses and larger organic substances are removed, providing potable water in a fast, reliable and cost-effective manner. The ideal choice in critical situations.

To achieve optimal operation plant operation, it is recommended that Veolia’s range of Hydrex™ chemicals be used.

Industries And Applications For MWTP™


Some of the industrieswhich benefit greatly from MWTPs include:

  • Tourism
  • Agriculture
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Power and Mining
  • Food and Beverage
  • Military

Water applications

The water applications for which MWTPs are designed include:

  • Surface water treatment
  • Potable water production
  • Pre-treatment for industrial process water
  • Emergency water requirements
  • Supplementary water requirements

Lesotho Case Study

In 2016, Veolia was commissioned to design and manufacture 4 MWTPs for the Kingdom of Lesotho.

Each plant has the capacity to treat 200 m³ of river water to potable standards, which facilitated the treatment of up to 800 m³ of river water each day. Treated water is distributed to communities experiencing extreme water shortages

All equipment design, manufacture, construction and mounting were carried out at Veolia’s Sebenza facilities in Johannesburg East.

Read about this unique project here.

Treated water can be reused for utilities within a field camp for showering or other necessities. Enquire today.


range of water treatment chemicals is part of Veolia's industrial, municipal and
commercial water treatment solutions

Veolia South Africa supplies the Hydrex™ range of water treatment chemicals as part of its industrial, municipal and commercial water treatment solutions. Manufactured in Johannesburg, this range of water treatment chemicals optimises the entire water cycle while reducing treatment plants’ operating and maintenance costs, whatever your water treatment needs.


MWTPs provide the ability to provide water
sources in line with a public water system, a generally accepted public health

New strategies for water treatment and infrastructure are required to meet the rapid urbanisation and industrialisation in Africa.

Veolia South Africa’s Ambitions for Africa project aims to anchor Veolia in Africa through local partnerships, community engagement and tailor-made solutions that meet the continent’s evolving needs for efficient, robust, low-footprint water treatment solutions.

An example of this is the 4 MWTPs, commissioned by the Kingdom of Lesotho to get drinking water to some of its communities.

Read about Ambitions For Africa


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