Trickling Filters

Trickling filter technology from Veolia Water Technologies South Africa (Veolia) is employed in both small-scale package plants and full-scale wastewater treatment plants to treat domestic sewage that's high in organic matter, BOD, COD and other pollutants. Veolia is a leader in trickling filter technology in southern Africa with customers in numerous companies in South Africa and Africa, and offers highly efficient solutions that benefit both the environment and communities.

Industrial companies and municipalities use trickling filter technology to:

  • Upgrade sewage for re-use in irrigation, dust suppression and other tasks
  • Upgrade sewage to near potable standards so it can be made suitable for human consumption
  • Ensure discharge water is compliant with environmental standards

Veolia has key technologies, some of which are specifically designed for use in trickling filter plants and processes.

Modular trickling filter technology

Modular wastewater treatment systems using trickling filters afford non-urban communities the technology to comply with stringent environmental, health, and legal specifications. Just a single package plant can treat domestic sewage for up to 500 residents – making trickling filter ideal for mine camps, special projects and small settlements.

In modular trickling filter plants, an anaerobic reactor, powered by cultivated micro-organisms, works in conjunction with an anoxic reactor – which is followed by a second aerobic reactor process which breaks down organic matter into more easily-removed substances. These remaining solids are settled and removed using water clarification or filtration.

Chlorine and ultraviolet treatment are sometimes used to further disinfect water for human consumption.

In addition to being more affordable and robust, trickling filter has numerous benefits:

  • Less sludge is produced
  • Operation requires lower energy input
  • Systems feature minimal routine maintenance
  • Simpler technology is employed
  • Minimal operator intervention is necessary for continuous operation
  • Systems recover faster after power outages

Upgrading modular wastewater treatment systems to handle larger capacities is also simpler, and location-specific requirements are easily incorporated into package plant designs that use trickling filter technology.

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Trickling filter for large-scale wastewater treatment

New wastewater treatment plants can benefit from trickling filter's highly robust digestion processes. Veolia Water Technologies South Africa is a leader in trickling filter feasibility, design, construction, commissioning and operation, and works closely with clients, governments and environmentalists to provide the best possible trickling filter solutions.

  • Trickling filter technology recovers easily from power outages
  • High-rate bio digestion takes place with minimal energy and other resources
  • Trickling filter systems are easy to operate
  • Toxic loads have minimal effect on digestion processes
  • Low lifespan costs

Upgrading sewage works with trickling filter

Because of its simplicity, older large-scale wastewater treatment plants can easily be upgraded to support trickling filter technology, while utilising existing infrastructure. It has become recognised as a cost-effective way to buy more treatment capacity, as well as higher discharge standards.

  • Utilise existing tower structures
  • Simply introduce plastic carrier elements, aeration/circulation systems
  • Only minor other upgrades necessary
  • Short upgrade periods

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