Water Solutions

For better environmental management with effective technology

Water solutions, or water treatment solutions, help industry, municipalities and other sectors to manage the way they use water with viable and highly effective treatment technologies. Veolia Water Technologies South Africa (Veolia) designs, builds and commissions world-class water management solutions for every application.

Water Solutions from Veolia South Africa

Water treatment solutions and water treatment from Veolia South Africa are tailored to treat seawater, industrial process wastewater and brackish water to local and internationally accepted standards for process water and potable water.

Our water solutions include:

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Technological Advances

As part of the international Veolia Group, Veolia Water Technologies South Africa is able to construct water solutions that consist of the following treatment technologies:

Veolia South Africa Divisions

Veolia Water Technologies South Africa has 4 dedicated divisions within the organisation to ensure its customers get the water solutions they require. None of our divisions operate in isolation, and each complements the others working towards common goals – to provide systems and solutions for municipalities and companies in South Africa and Africa that cater to their water treatment requirements, ensuring high-quality production of industrial process and municipal potable water supplies.

  • Design & Build: For the turnkey design, installation and commissioning of large-scale water solutions.
  • Engineered Systems: Modular and standard designs for projects that require minimal engineering.
  • Operations: Complete plant operation, service, maintenance and other on-going services.
  • Services: Find consumables including chemicals, membranes and other services for water solutions here.

Veolia has the systems and water solutions to treat water to your exact requirements. Contact us and discover how we can help you - cost-effectively!

Our Water Solutions in Summary


Desalination from Veolia South Africa encompasses ranges of desalination process, technologies and chemicals, all tailored to meet specific desalination requirements. Full-scale desalination plants and desalination package plants facilitate these processes, which produce either process water for industry or potable water for municipalities and industry. Our methods and processes all for both seawater desalination and brackish water desalination.

Zero Liquid Discharge

Zero Liquid Discharge, or ZLD as it is commonly referred to, enables the recovery, recycle and re-use from water used in industrial processes. It helps industrial plants minimise their environmental impact and is an effective way of managing a plant’s water requirements. ZLD is used for numerous applications from cooling tower blowdown and boiler blowdown to produced water, oil refinery effluent and radioactive waste, as well as landfill leachate.

Package Plants

Used by companies for industrial water treatment, and municipalities for potable water treatment, package plants, also called modular or containerised plants, they are ideal for municipal areas where conventional infrastructure is not available and for remote sites and industrial locations. They take up less space than conventional water treatment plants and contain fewer moving parts. This means a highly reliable, cost-effective, transportable water treatment plant.

Trickling Filter Technology

Trickling filters are used in full scale wastewater treatment plants and small scale package plants to treat domestic sewage high in organic matter and pollutants. The process can upgrade sewage for re-use in irrigation or to near potable standards, and it also ensures that all water discharged is compliant with local and international environmental standards. Veolia is the leader in trickling filter technology in southern Africa.

For water solutions tailored to meet your water and plant requirements, Veolia South Africa has the solution to best meet your needs. Contact a Veolia expert and discover how we can help with your industrial process, and municipal and industrial potable water needs.

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