Cooling Tower Water Treatment

Cooling tower water treatment from Veolia Water Technologies South Africa (Veolia) falls within the water specialists’ ambit of water treatment for the power industry. Within this broad ambit, Veolia’s technologies for cooling tower water treatment are tailored for cooling tower side stream and cooling tower blow down, using one of its tailored chemicals from its patented Hydrex™ range of water treatment chemicals.

Water treatment for cooling towers from Veolia reduces corrosion in blowdown systems and discharges cleaner water into environment, reducing your environmental footprint.


Fouling, biological growth and corrosion can disrupt cooling tower operations. However, Veolia’s water treatment chemicals, technologies, engineering expertise and years of industry experience can help overcome and prevent these potential challenges. Treating water for cooling towers is an integral part of the process operations in many industries and is used to minimise water depletion and remove zinc, chromates and carbonate from the water used in cooling towers.

Cooling tower chemical dosing prevents growths that may interfere with continuous water flow. The circulating cooling water is treated to minimise scaling and fouling and to remove particulates. Examples of the most common applications for cooling tower water treatment include cooling the water used in petrochemical plants, oil refineries, HVAC systems for cooling buildings and thermal power stations. 

Proper cooling tower water treatment management minimises scaling and deposits. This contributes to reduced overall costs by helping extend the lifespan of your plant.


The Hydrex™ 2000 chemical range is used for water treatment in cooling tower blow down and cooling tower side stream.

The Hydrex™ 2000 series chemicals from Veolia are the ideal cooling tower water treatment chemicals as they improve the efficiency and reliability of open, closed and once-through cooling water systems. These chemicals used in cooling tower water treatment are ideal for cooling tower cleaning and include scale inhibitors, corrosion inhibitors and bio-dispersants to control scaling or corrosion conditions within heat exchange water circuits. 


For cooling tower side stream treatment, the technologies used are designed to minimise microbial activity, control legionella and increase concentration cycles as well as reduce scaling and deposits that can decrease heat transfer and increase energy costs. The technologies used include Hydrex™ water treatment chemicals, Hydrotech Discfilters for filtration, ACTIFLO® for clarification and MULTIFLO™ for enhanced clarification and lamella settling.


Hydrex 2000 is ideal for closed and open cooling systems treatment programmes, recirculation systems and one through systems.
  • Optimises cooling tower water management to reduce water loss
  • Extends the lifespan of cooling towers by minimising scaling and deposits
  • Provides water safe for discharge
  • Results in improved environmental practices
  • Helps supply reusable process water
  • Its long-term cost-effectiveness helps reduce plant costs


BHP Billiton, Hillside Aluminium Smelter

Veolia South Africa supplied a total mine water treatment solution to BHP Billiton’s Hillside aluminium smelter in Richards Bay. The solution consists of cooling water treatment products, dissolved air flotation (DAF) and the continued supply of flocculants and polymers.

Eskom Arnot Power Station upgrade

In a project valued at R20-million, Veolia instituted a Multiflo® power plant water treatment system for the Arnot Power Station in Mpumalanga. This solution removes sedimentation from blowdown water created in the power station's cooling towers.

Multiflo® is a cost-effective solution for updating old technologies which can be easily installed with minimum changes to existing infrastructure. This technology can also be applied to municipal drinking water, wastewater and effluent treatment processes, and is therefore not restricted to industrial applications.

Mondi Business Paper

Veolia South Africa, in conjunction with Finnish sister company Aquaflow, supplied detailed mechanical and piping designs, process designs and equipment tailored to Mondi’s unique requirements.

The doughnut-shaped plant comprises outer ring aeration chambers, inner ring clarification chambers and three 25 m-high cooling towers. The method employed for treatment is the Aquaflow minimum biosludge production (MBP) which improves bacterial performance in organic matter breakdown and reduces sludge yield while improving dehydration of the remaining sludge.


Veolia is not only a cooling tower water treatment company, as this is only one of the treatments falling within Veolia’s power plant water treatment technologies. These technologies, in addition to filtration and the Hydrex™ chemical range, include reverse osmosis (RO), demineralisation, continuous electro-deionisation (CEDI), combined pre-treatment (RO and CEDI), and mixed bed ion exchange.

All aftersales services for cooling tower water treatment include preventative and corrective maintenance, consumable chemical supply and remote monitoring and contol.

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