Wastewater Recycling

Wastewater recycling helps customers optimise water costs and minimise their environmental footprint. With leading technologies and proven expertise across some of Africa’s most important wastewater recycling plants, Veolia treats even the dirtiest of wastewater and industrial effluent to potable and ultrapure standards with customised wastewater recycling solutions.

Wastewater recycling for municipalities:

  • Reduces reliance on stressed fresh water sources
  • Frees up bulk water, which can soften the need to invest in new potable plants builds
  • Protect sensitive ecosystems and reclaim natural aquifers

Wastewater recycling for industry:

  • Reduce bulk water consumption = lower per-litre cost of water
  • Improve compliance with environmental regulations
  • Harvest valuable minerals from wastewater for secondary revenue streams
  • Work towards Zero Liquid Discharge!

We supply both large-scale (in-ground) plants as well as portable packaged wastewater recycling plants according to your specifications!

is one of the leading wastewater treatment companies in South Africa.


The far lower per-unit cost of recycled wastewater over municipal bulk water supply is a significant financial opportunity for big water users to greatly reduce their water CAPEX. Especially for process water, where potable water is not needed and presents unnecessary treatment costs that are borne by the end user, wastewater recycling is an investment for any consumer.

No matter your application, Veolia will help you achieve your treatment requirements with unmatched technological know-how and application skill. From acid mine drainage through to sewage treatment, we cover the complete recycling spectrum with over 350 proprietary technologies.


Veolia’s membrane bioreactor plant in Antarctica was distinguished in the Water / Wastewater Project of the Year category at the Global Water Awards 2017.

Image of water recycling technology. Veolia South Africa
is a leading company for wastewater reclamation and reuse.


The small-footprint STP™ uses Veolia trickling filter technology, a simple but versatile technology with minimum labour requirements, to treat effluent according to RSA General Standard for Discharge. The major treatment components include screening, anaerobic digestion, carbon removal and nitrification, sludge removal and disinfection, with additional treatment options available as required by application.

* Can also be supplied as a hybrid plant, where primary treatment is based on a civil structure.

  • Feed water flowrate (hybrid): 25 - 600 m3/day
  • Feed water flowrate (containerised): 25 - 200 m3/day
  • Modular design, can be combined for larger capacities or specific treatment applications
  • No constant waste streams
  • Low energy consumption reduces OPEX costs
  • Discharge quality suitable for irrigation or discharge into environment

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High-efficiency, low-footprint technologies is at the heart of our business! By drawing on this leading technology portfolio, Veolia provides unmatched flexibility in developing customised water recycling solutions for any municipal and industrial application.

Depending on you feed water quality and required treatment standard, wastewater recycling and reuse is often achieved by combining numerous technologies, such as clarification, reverse osmosis, evaporation and chemical treatment into a cohesive, high performance treatment solution.

Actiflo® Turbo – the ultimate clarifier

The Actiflo® Turbo process includes coagulation, flocculation, a settling tank with lamella and a hydrocyclone for micro-sand recovery. Cost-effective, compact and quick to start up with rise rates up to 80 m/h, the Actiflo® Turbo is an ideal technology in process water recycling.

Actiflo® Softening Process – high-rate softening solutions

A combined clarification and softening treatment unit, the Afticlo® Softening Process removes constituents such as calcium, silica, heavy metals, fluorides and suspended solids while improving alkalinity, hardness, turbidity and other properties. This ultra-compact softener (up to 10x smaller than conventional softening processes) minimises coagulant demand due to solid precipitation with calcium carbonates, and has a high rise rate of 120 m/h.

Biostyr™ – the compact biofiltration solution

Biostyr™ eliminates organic (COD and BOD), nitrogenous and particulate compound pollution in a compact, low-footprint structure. This biofilter combines a biological reactor with a physical filter to store the biomass and stop particulate pollution, therefore requiring no final clarifier.

EVALED™ – evaporation technologies

EVALED™ delivers a high separation level with low energy consumption for recycling high-quality distillate from heavily polluted water. These technologies are ideal for achieving Zero Liquid Discharge in combination with RO plants.

Hydrotech Discfilter – large filter, small footprint

These mechanical self-cleaning filters are big in efficiency and small in footprint! Includes microscreen filtration technology.

Multiflo™ – clarification / settling

The Multiflo™ series is ideal for small to large-sized plants and can treat any kind of water characteristics and pollutant loads, producing a highly concentrated and thickened sludge. It can be installed as primary, secondary or tertiary treatment of wastewater for partial, normal or advanced removal of suspended solids, carbonaceous pollutants and phosphorous.

SIRION™ Mega – reverse osmosis systems

These RO systems produce high purity water from 5 to 30 m3/h. With lower operating pressure consuming less energy than traditional membranes, SIRION™ Mega enables cost-effective treatment for a wide range of water recycling applications.

OPUS® Process – reverse osmosis membranes for high water recovery

Achieve high water recovery rates across the ability to handle significant variations in feed water quality with OPUS® Process! It provides a high level of salt rejection with low energy consumption and long membrane life.

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Image of the Durban Water Recycling Project, a landmark
example of municipal wastewater treatment in South Africa.


Durban Water Recycling Project

The Durban Water Recycling (DWR) Plant is a landmark achievement in sustainable water use in South Africa. For the last 15 years, the wastewater recycling plant has reclaimed 47.5 Ml/day of wastewater to near potable standards for use in industrial processes by high-volume customers such as Mondi Paper and SAPREF.

Through the recycling of wastewater, the city has been able to free up potable water supply that can now be diverted towards the city’s growing urban population, reducing the strain on existing water infrastructure. The pollution load on the marine environment is also significantly reduced.

Goreangab Water Reclamation Plant – Windhoek

The New Goreangab Water Reclamation Plant in Windhoek, Namibia, the only wastewater recycling plant of its kind in the world providing potable water commercially on such a large scale, has been recycling the city’s wastewater since 2001.

The high-tech wastewater treatment and processing plant recycles 21 000 m3/day wastewater and semi-purified sewage to a standard that is 100% safe for human consumption. 

Ambatovy Mine, Madagascar

One of the largest evaporation and crystallisation plants in the world, the wastewater recycling plant at Ambatovy Mine treats and recovers mine water while drying up to 210 000 tons of ammonium sulphate per annum that is then sold to the agricultural industry as a high quality fertiliser.


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