Water Reuse

Veolia Water Technologies has the technology portfolio to treat even the dirtiest wastewater to potable water and ultrapure standards, while also harvesting valuable by-products in wastewater streams to help customers move towards zero liquid discharge

Water reuse applications include:

  • full potable reuse
  • facility cooling
  • boiler feed water
  • industrial process water
  • irrigation in agriculture and urban green spaces
  • ground water storage and recovery

We have supplied some of southern Africa’s largest and most important water reuse plants, in both the municipal and industrial sectors

The economy of water reuse

The far lower per-unit cost of recycled water over municipal bulk water supply presents a real financial opportunity for big water users to greatly reduce their operational cost. Especially for process water, where potable water is not needed and presents unnecessary treatment costs that are borne by the end user, wastewater recycling is a huge investment for any consumer.

The financial benefits of water reuse don’t end there! That’s why Veolia helps customers understand the True Cost of Water in their application. Investigating the True Cost of Water seeks to evaluate and mitigate the risk and consequences of feed water disruption. It considers the total role of water within a client’s processes and the overall costs that would be incurred should there be a disruption to its availability.

For industry, this considers what bottom-line costs would be in the event of an interruption to production, either because of feed water problems that induce downtime, or, in terms of discharge issues that may contravene environmental regulations and force a plant shutdown (or, even more costly, compel the client to clean up the resulting damage).

Wastewater is the only water resource where volume increases proportionally to economic development and consumption.

Veolia: a world-leader in water reuse technologies

Specialist, state-of-the-art Veolia technologies form the basis of our wastewater reuse solutions. There is no single specific technology that applies to water reuse, instead, combinations of combinations involving clarification, reverse osmosis, evaporation and chemical treatment are involved.

Actiflo® Turbo – The ultimate clarifier

This clarifier offers an increased rise rate of 80 m/h for industrial process water and wastewater. It is a cost-effective, compact solution with short start-up times, with over 870 references across the world.

Actiflo® Softening Process – High rate softening solutions

Combines clarification and softening into a single compact treatment unit, removing calcium, silica, heavy metals, fluorides, suspended solids and more, while improving correcting alkalinity, hardness and turbidity, up to 120 m/h.

BIOSTYR™ – Biological aerated filter

The most effective biofilter on the market! Biostyr™ eliminates all pollution – organic (COD and BOD),nitrogenous (N-NH4 and N-NO3) and particulate compounds (TSS).

EVALED™ – Evaporation technologies

These energy efficient systems can recycle a high-quality distillate from heavily polluted wastewater. Combined with RO technologies, these systems are ideal for operators looking to achieve zero liquid discharge.

Water is too valuable to be used only once.

HYDROTECH – Low footprint discfilters

These mechanical self-cleaning filters are big in efficiency and small in footprint! Includes microscreen filtration technology.

MULTIFLO™ – Proven clarification/settling solutions

Ideal for small to large-sized plants for any water characteristic and pollutant loads. It’s an efficient process for removing TSS, colour, algae and heavy metals, and suitable for average to high turbidity levels. Read more about our clarification solution.

SIRION™ Mega – Reverse Osmosis systems

Capable of producing high-purity water from 5 to 30 m3/hr. With lower required operating pressure, this RO solution to wastewater reuse uses less energy, and thus provides a more cost-effective treatment solution.

OPUS® Process – Reverse Osmosis membranes for high water recovery

OPUS® delivers high water recovery rates and effective fouling and scaling control, with an excellent tolerance of variations in feed water quality. It provides high salt rejection, and is an energy efficient treatment component with long membrane life.

HYDREX™ Chemicals – Water treatment chemical solutions

Hydrex™ chemicals are used across the world to optimise the water cycle. The Hydrex™ range includes solution for all water reuse chemical requirements, and protects water systems against scale deposition, corrosion, fouling, and so on. Reduce unnecessary downtime, ensure optimum productivity and lower environmental risks with the Hydrex™ range.

Case studies: a proven track record in water reuse

Veolia is the proud supplier of award-winning water recycling plants across southern Africa. These include municipal and industrial solutions, from small to large-scale. Some of our reuse plants include (click to expand):

Goreangab Water Reclamation Plant – Windhoek

Windhoek Goreangab Reclamation Plant
Windhoek Goreangab Reclamation Plant

Veolia has played an important role in helping Windhoek become a modern sustainable city with its central role in the New Goreangab Water Reclamation Plant, which has been recycling the city’s wastewater since 2001. The high-tech wastewater treatment and processing plant recycles wastewater and semi-purified sewage to a standard that is 100% safe for human consumption. 

The plant, the only one of its kind in the world providing potable water commercially on such a large scale, supplies 21 000 m3/day to serve the City of Windhoek – about a third of the city’s total potable water supply.

Durban Water Recycling Project

Durban Water Recycling Plant
Durban Water Recycling Plant

Veolia’s design and construction of the Durban Water Recycling (DWR) Plant is a landmark achievement in sustainable water use in South Africa. For the last 15 years, the plant has treated 47.5 Ml/day of domestic and industrial wastewater to near potable standards for use in industrial processes by high volume customers such as Mondi Paper and SAPREF.

It has meant this volume of water that was previously drawn from the city’s potable water supply is freed up for use by the city’s growing urban population, reducing the strain on the city’s overall water supply infrastructure. The pollution load on the marine environment from discharge is also significantly reduced.

Ambatovy Mine, Madagascar

Ambatovy Water Reuse Plant
Ambatovy Mine, Madagascar

Veolia Water Technologies’ design and build of the crystalliser at Ambatovy Mine won it an award of distinction at the Global Intelligence Awards.

One of the largest evaporation and crystallisation plants in the world, the plant treats and recovers mine water while drying up to 210 000 tons of ammonium sulphate per annum, which is an ideal agricultural fertiliser and is sold as a secondary revenue stream by the mine. It’s been labelled one of the most advanced technical achievements in industrial wastewater treatment.


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