Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants

Veolia provides water and wastewater treatment plants for municipal and industrial wastewater and water treatment. All treatment processes treat water to local and international standards.

Plants for municipalities include those for drinking water treatment and sewage treatment. Municipal plants include long-term brick and mortar plants in urban areas, and water techno packages (packaged plants) in rural and other areas where there is insufficient infrastructure for permanent plants.

Industrial treatment plants are designed to aid industry achieve potable and process water for their applications and treat wastewater for reuse or environmental discharge. They help the industrial sector conduct effective water and wastewater management across numerous markets, which include mining, petrochemicals; power plants; pharmaceuticals, pulp and paper; steel processing; food and beverage; and automotive industries.

Water Treatment Plants

Veolia provides turnkey water treatment plants for municipalities and industry across South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa. These plants include:

  • Water Purification Plants
  • Potable Water Plants
  • Desalination Plants
  • Modular Water Treatment Package Plants (Water Techno Packages)

Treat municipal water & sewage water and industrial process water & wastewater to your required specs. Enquire now.

Water Techno Packages and Mobile Water Treatment

Water Purification Plant

purification plants produce high-quality drinking water on a municipal scale.

Water purification plants produce high-quality drinking water on a municipal scale. Veolia provides complete specification, design and build, procurement, installation, commissioning and testing capabilities to deliver turnkey water purification plants that support sustainable, healthy communities.

Containerised Potable Water Treatment Plants (CPWTP)

Containerised water treatment plants from Veolia are Water Techno

Our CPWTPS enable Veolia to easily transport these plants to site anywhere in Africa. A distinct advantage of these plants is their plug-n-play capability.

Mobile Water Treatment Plants (MWTP)

Mobile Water Treatment Plants in Africa are unique to Veolia.

MWTPs can be used in most water treatment processes to remove chemicals, biological contaminants, suspended solids and gas from water. Water can be treated to any standard, from discharge water to potable water. Drinking water is treated from ANY water source and used wherever required.

Veolia has supplied more than 103.13 million people with drinking water around the world, and more than 73.1 million people with wastewater services.

Wastewater Treatment Plants

Veolia’s industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants treat domestic and industrial wastewater to potable or eco-friendly discharge standards – whatever the requirements.

  • Treat all types of wastewater
  • Extract valuable resources from waste streams
  • Achieve Zero Liquid Discharge of industrial water
  • Large scale and containerised plants available

Small-scale packaged wastewater treatment plants

Veolia provides sewage treatment plants and wastewater treatment plants.

Modular in design so treatment capacities can be modified or increased as and when required. They are mobile and manufactured for plug-n-play functionality, enabling easy plant relocation. Manufactured offsite, they are easily transported to where they are needed via road or ship.

Large-scale wastewater treatment plants

Complete large-scale wastewater treatment solutions, including design, construction, commissioning, chemicals supply, operation and maintenance.

Veolia is Africa’s leading total water solutions provider, serving all industries and caring for communities.

Municipal Treatment

Drinking Water Treatment

Veolia has more than 350 technologies in its portfolio that it uses to treat feedwater from numerous natural sources, including the ocean. Treatment solutions can be adapted to unique requirements.

The company also conducts full turnkey projects for the provision of drinking water. Our worldwide network provides expertise to deliver everything required, from large scale water treatment plants to small, modular systems in remote areas (water techno packages).

Sewage Water Treatment

Veolia treats sewage to global standards. To do this, it provides the following solutions:

  • Removing / eliminating harmful pathogens
  • Clearing hazardous chemicals, detergents and toxins
  • Reducing odour and improve water colour
  • Separating and extracting valuable substances and clean water

These solutions are achieved through one of the following methods:

Wastewater treatment
plants from Veolia are tailored to your specifications.
Municipal Water Treatment and Water Techno Package for Industrial Water Treatment

Treat 5000 residents’ sewage with just 1 package plant from Veolia.

Industrial Treatment

Water Treatment

Some advantages for companies using Veolia’s industrial water treatment services:

  • Reduced costs and enhanced savings
  • Operational excellence
  • Recovering by-products and waste reduction
  • Access to proven water technologies

Veolia’s offers water treatment processes for industrial water.

  • Water purification technologies: water technologies tailored for potable water, and highly purified water for industrial use, such as applications in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Reverse osmosis plants:tailored for water recycling and water reuse, they also contribute to zero liquid discharge.
Wastewater treatment
plants from Veolia are tailored to your specifications.
Municipal Water Treatment and Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Veolia offers tailored turnkey wastewater and water treatment solutions across Africa!

Wastewater treatment

The industrial wastewater treatment technologies used by Veolia are designed to meet the strictest disinfection and purification specifications.

The company makes use of its patented Hydrexwastewater treatment chemicals; wastewater package plants and industrial water treatment solutions and processes.

Wastewater treatment processes

Our wastewater treatment processes include:

  • Pre-treatment: removes large suspended contaminates, sand and grease with filters and mesh systems
  • Primary treatment: removes large solids with clarification and filtration systems
  • Secondary treatment: breaks down organic matter with aerobic and anaerobic processes
  • Trickling filter digestion: treats domestic sewage with high organic matter, BOD, COD and other pollutants


  • Engineering and construction of wastewater treatment processing plants
  • Process water production
  • Wastewater decontamination
  • Recycling treated wastewater and industrial effluents
  • Reuse of treated sludge
  • Zero liquid or zero effluent discharge
  • Recovery of valuable commodities from wastewater
  • Operation, maintenance and optimisation of wastewater treatment processing plants

Veolia Services For Industrial Water And Wastewater Treatment

All treatment processes treat water to local

From consumables, such as membranes and chemicals, to complete process-specific water treatment plant systems, Veolia provides efficient, sustainable and lower-footprint solutions for your operation.

Veolia’s Ambitions For Africa

World-class water solutions for every water and
wastewater treatment application.

New strategies for water treatment and infrastructure are required to meet the rapid urbanisation and industrialisation in Africa.

Veolia South Africa’s Ambitions for Africa project aims to anchor Veolia in Africa through local partnerships, community engagement and tailor-made solutions that meet the continent’s evolving needs for efficient, robust, low-footprint water treatment solutions.

Read about Ambitions For Africa


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