AQUAVISTA™: Digital solutions for smarter water treatment plants

AQUAVISTA™ is a complete, customisable and easy-to-use suite of award-winning digital services from Veolia Water Technologies that can help monitor, manage and optimise your treatment processes.

Easy to integrate to new or existing water treatment plants, AQUAVISTA™ provides you with the tools you need to:

  • Optimise energy and chemical consumption
  • Improve operating efficiency and stability
  • Minimise maintenance and prevent costly downtime
  • Reduce non-compliance incidents and lower environmental impact
  • Enhance equipment monitoring
  • Gain a complete view of your operating status, historically and in real time

AQUAVISTA™ aggregates and enriches your plant data through a variety of applications and algorithms. It is securely stored in the cloud and accessible to you anytime, anywhere and on any device through a single private and secure portal.

These digital solutions can be implemented for Veolia and non-Veolia technology, and is suited for both industrial and municipal water treatment plants for all applications: drinking, waste and process water.

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AQUAVISTA™ is installed at over 100 water treatment plants and installations worldwide.

Recorded impacts up to:

  • 40% higher biological capacity
  • 100% increase in hydraulic capacity
  • 25% energy reduction for aeration
  • 75% energy reduction for grit
  • chamber aeration
  • 75% reduction in energy use for
  • internal nitrate recirculation
  • 100% reduction in chemical use
  • 20-50% in overall cost savings

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What does aquavista™ include?

AQUAVISTA™ includes various digital modules to give you the flexibility to choose the service level you need to meet your needs:


A customer portal for remote monitoring and reporting with a complete overview of all your data from multiple sites via a single point of entry. The Portal improves preventive maintenance, and makes it more convenient, transparent and simplified.

Key Features

  • real-time remote monitoring of equipment data
  • dynamic alarm management
  • event notification, e.g. outstanding maintenance
  • automatic report generation
  • information on service contracts / reports
  • archive of all service and sales orders
  • access to equipment documentation, performance document, calibration certificates, O&M manuals, parts lists and training videos, etc.


A data driven performance optimisation tool. Insight provides an overview of key performance indicators, and identifies areas of continuous optimisation of your operation, as well as provide a more in-depth understanding of predictive maintenance procedures.

Key Features

  • key operational information overview in form of dashboard
  • analysis of a plant’s operational and financial performance
  • global benchmarks to compare performance across different sites
  • scenario planning as a basis for optimization 


A real-time performance optimisation solution for water treatment facilities that increases the stability of your plant and helps guarantee your plant meets compliance standards.

Key Features

  • suite of intelligence software features operating in real-time
  • an automated state-of-the-art plant overview
  • online optimization & forecasting tool
  • plant KPIs to monitor the plant's performance
  • document management
  • state of the art plant overview


AQUAVISTA™ Assist provides access to Veolia’s process experts for readily accessible assistance. Operators can request support from Veolia directly (site visit, online assistance for maintenance service, troubleshooting, emergency support) to help you mitigate risks and address your challenges.

Key Features

  • network of Veolia experts to support operations
  • advice in a timely manner, enabled by data and a communication platform
  • community management where operators can communicate and share knowledge with other operators and Veolia process engineers
  • online training platform

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