Operation & Maintenance Services

Veolia Water Technologies can manage the day-to-day responsibility of meeting your water treatment standards through operations & maintenance services tailored to your specific treatment requirements.

Veolia Water Technologies can manage the day-to-day responsibility of meeting your water treatment standards through operations & maintenance services tailored to your specific treatment requirements.

That means you can invest your full focus on your core production and business processes, with the peace of mind knowing you have a reliable, secure water supply.

Veolia Water Technologies offers tailored professional O & M services for existing and greenfield municipal and industrial water treatment works to help you optimise your plant performance and overall treatment costs.

Our skilled operations & maintenance teams can deliver tailored service contracts for your plant:

  • Technical assistance
  • Operation without maintenance
  • Planned maintenance without operation
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Build, own, operate

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Why Outsource Your O & M To Veolia?

Veolia provides the range of services to help improve water and wastewater treatment plant performance, anywhere in Africa. This includes chemical cleaning for Reverse Osmosis (RO) plants, sewage plants and other water infrastructure.

Veolia’s water plant operations solutions bring the following benefits:

  • Reduced operating expenditure through tailored solutions
  • Improved operational efficiencies and treatment plant reliability
  • Access to a range of highly efficient technologies that can be brought into existing plants, increasing productivity without any major capital work
  • Advice on better maintenance and operating practices that deliver greater efficiencies
  • Effective risk mitigation across safety, environment and performance to ensure business continuity

optimising the cost of water

With Veolia as your O & M partner, we don’t just help minimise the risk of downtime and ensure compliance with all necessary water purification standards – we actively work to lower your treatment costs by actively seeking new avenues for optimisation across your water treatment process.

With access to state-of-the-art treatment technologies that can improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption and lower your treatment footprint, Veolia will help guarantee the long-term performance and profitability of your operation.

No matter where your operation is, Veolia will supply highly skilled, professional operators to meet your O & M requirements.

Already have a plant management team? Veolia can work with your technicians, providing all necessary training and skills development, even transferring these employees to the Veolia payroll should you require.

customised o & m contracts, whatever your industry

View some of the O & M contracts Veolia is currently involved in by clicking on an industry:


ArcelorMittal South Africa, Vanderbijlpark

Among the largest zero effluent discharge (ZED) steel plants in the world, Veolia operates all water-related infrastructure and manages the chemical dosing requirements of 60 water systems in nine separate site locations.

The contract includes the supply of approximately 100 tons of Hydrex™ water treatment chemicals each month. These include chemicals for boiler treatment, cooling water treatment, coagulants and flocculants, anti-scalants and disinfectants.



Veolia’s O & M contract at Evander Gold Mine helped increase efficiency and reduce its overall costs at its on-site treatment plant. The contract includes the supply of 12 new treatment solutions, including: new chemical dosing stations; flocculants, coagulants, anti-scalants and micro-biocide chemical treatment; a semi-automated duplex flocculent plant; and coagulant plants.

This new solution improved the entire water circuit for the mine. Overall TDS and iron concentrations were reduced, chemical consumption has been optimised and the mine equipment performs more reliably – ultimately running more efficiently and lowering overall maintenance costs.

AngloGold Ashanti (Ghana)

AngloGold Ashanti contracted Veolia to optimise water management at its Iduapriem open pit gold mine. Veolia provides management and operational expertise to ensure proper water treatment and discharge compliant with the Ghana EPA effluent discharge requirements. Site-wide operations were also optimised with a two-stage water treatment process including ozonation and reverse osmosis.

Power Generation

O&M Lesedi / O&M Letsatsi

Veolia provides monthly service of the RO plants that supply the water for cleaning the solar plant’s photovoltaic cells and drinking water onsite. This includes CIPs, routine maintenance, media replacement and breakdown assistance.

Food and Beverage

Distillation plant, Stellenbosch

Since 2016 and as part of a 10-year Build, Operate, Transfer (BOT) agreement, Veolia manages a 1 000 m3 effluent/day anaerobic water treatment plant in the Stellenbosch area.

South Africa’s first Biobulk® Wastewater Treatment plant, the facility treats approximately 8.6 tons of COD each day, harvesting the biogas that is generated within the Biobulk® CSTR (Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor) that is used to power the site’s boilers.

Dairy, Humansdorp

Veolia executes the operations and maintenance requirements for the resource recovery plant at a dairy in Humansdorp in the Eastern Cape.

The plant uses Memthane® anaerobic digestion, UF filtration and membrane desalination processes and related water-conditioning chemicals. The anaerobic digester produces biogas from the COD for use as an energy source in a biogas boiler with a design capacity of 19.6 ton COD/day.

Food processing plant, Durban

At one of South Africa’s largest food manufacturing plants in the world, Veolia provides full operations and maintenance for a water recycling plant that provides high-quality treatment of the factory wastewater and rainwater harvested on site.

Veolia manages the dissolved air flotation, biological, membrane bioreactor and reverse osmosis treatment of the plant that recovers approximately 70% of all process water.

3 food and beverage plants, Johannesburg, Parow and Durban

Veolia assisted one of South Africa’s largest food and beverage producers operate their plants and help reduce production downtime at three production sites across South Africa.

Our solution was a 24-hour operational service, providing the facilities with an in-house technical service and the supply of all water treatment consumables, as well as operational teams to operate the facilities.

Food and beverage plant, Mossel Bay

As part of a design, build, operate and maintain contract, Veolia manages a 600 m3/day resource recovery plant for a leading multinational food and drinks company at its Mossel Bay Factory.

The plant treats an average COD content of 3 907 mg/L, recovering approximately 260 m3/day of purified water with an average conductivity of 148 μS/cm, clarity of 0.13 NTU and COD content of 5.23 mg/L – a 99% overall COD removal and 58% water recovery.

Soft drink manufacturing plant, Durban

Veolia provides operational services for two process water treatment plants for one of the world’s biggest beverage producers in Durban. This 24-hour service includes all laboratory functions for analysis compliant to client specification and chemical supply for all applications within the scope of the water plant.


Durban Water Recycling

Since 2001, Veolia has managed the water cycle through the entire value chain at the 47.5 ML/day Durban Water Recycling Plant. This includes operations and maintenance of wastewater catchment, conveyance, trade effluent control, preliminary and primary treatment, secondary and tertiary treatment and reclaimed water reticulation systems, managed by a 25-member dedicated onsite O & M team.

Wingoc (Windhoek)

Following its design and build of the 5 000 m3/day Ujams industrial wastewater treatment plant, near the City of Windhoek’s northern industrial zone, Veolia was contracted to operate and maintain the plant through a 21-year contract period.

It will manage the plant’s entire water treatment cycle, from the screening and de-gritting of incoming wastewater before entering a membrane bioreactor, to UV disinfection and odour removal before the treated effluent is released from the plant.

Plettenberg Bay

Veolia provides ongoing operations and maintenance services to the 2 ML seawater desalination plant it designed and built at Plettenberg Bay in the Western Cape.

Pulp & Paper

Mondi Paper

Since 2001, onsite Veolia process controllers and technicians have operated and maintained paper manufacturer Mondi’s wastewater plant at its production facility in Durban.

In addition to managing the mill’s 35 ML/day effluent plant, Veolia is also responsible for operating the sludge dewatering equipment to adhere to the company’s sludge dryness requirements. The result is not just full compliance with municipal effluent discharge specifications, but a reduced cost of sludge treatment and disposal.


Toyota South Africa

Veolia process controllers and maintenance and process technicians help operate Toyota South Africa’s process water plant at its assembly plant in Durban. By handling the site’s water treatment and water quality compliance, we help the customers focus on their core business.


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