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With global warming and the role of industry increasingly coming into the international spotlight, water treatment solutions for companies that can assist industrial plants in minimising their impact on the environment are constantly being sought.

Enter Zero Liquid Discharge – the Efficient Water Management Choice

ZLD technology from Veolia Water Technologies South Africa (Veolia) is an effective and intelligent way of managing a plant's water requirements. It promotes the reuse, recycling and recovery of water from the process itself, minimises the use of municipal or natural water resources, and ensures that nothing harmful is released into the environment. In addition, it can assist operators to minimise costs while maximising operations.

Veolia’s ZLD technology, which is in addition to Veolia’s key technologies, is available to all companies in South Africa and Africa, and proven to work in plants and water treatment systems, including wastewater treatment systems, across the continent.

Zero Liquid Discharge Technologies

Zero Liquid Discharge employs custom-designed evaporation and crystallisation technology to make plants more efficient and to minimise their impact on the environment.

ZLD can be applied across industries and allows for the effective reuse and recycling of process water.

In addition to evaporation and crystallisation, the following complementary processes may also be used:

Applications for ZLD

ZLD technology is used across a range of applications, and is effectively used on:

  • Cooling tower blowdown
  • Boiler blowdown
  • RO reject (industrial and drinking water)
  • Scrubber blowdown
  • Demineralisation waste
  • Produced water
  • Oil refinery effluent
  • IGCC wastewater
  • RadWaste (radioactive waste)
  • Landfill leachate

Benefits of ZLD from Veolia

Zero liquid discharge solutions from Veolia, with chemicals from the company’s comprehensive range of chemicals for treating industrial water, provide numerous benefits. Listed among these benefits are:

  • Reduced costs
  • Optimised industrial water cycles
  • Consistent water supply and consistent quality
  • Reduced dependence and use of municipal water sources
  • Compliance with stringent legislative and environmental regulations
  • Sustainability

As southern Africa's leading water treatment specialist, Veolia South Africa strives to engineer the best, most appropriate solutions that benefit both the customer and the environment. To this end, the company has employed ZLD technology successfully in a number of applications for companies and plants in South Africa and Africa using custom-designed evaporation and crystallisation solutions.

Previous Projects

The company's latest project is for a South African mine and entails the design, construction and commissioning of a 5 mega-litre per day plant to treat chromium contaminated ground water, treated sewage water, storm and process water. Other projects include:

  • Sasol: Desalination and reuse of mine water through the use of three crystallisers and the largest FC evaporator in Africa. Processes include: forced circulation evaporation; acidification and de-aeration.
  • Columbus Steel: The recycling of water and recovery of other valuables from mill effluent using forced circulation evaporation and cooling crystallisers.
  • ArcelorMittal: The recycling of effluent via a turnkey water treatment plant, featuring processes such as softening, clarification, dual media and GAC filtration, reverse osmosis, brine evaporation and crystallisation.

Recover, Recycle & Re-Use Water to Save Costs

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