Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment

Veolia Water Technologies South Africa manufactures high-quality reverse osmosis membranes and chemicals for use in its reverse osmosis plants.

Used in the production and treatment of potable, ultrapure and process water for municipal, agricultural and industrial applications, reverse osmosis water treatment separates molecules and ions from their solutions. Veolia will design, install and commission your entire reverse osmosis water treatment plant to your exact specifications.

Desalination is achieved via reverse osmosis.

Desalination And Other Water Treatment

The largest application of reverse osmosis water treatment is desalination – the production of potable water from seawater – which provides a fundamental water source for some of the world's major cities.

Reverse osmosis water treatment is also used extensively in:

There is a strong market in the South African municipal sector for reverse osmosis, while zero liquid discharge installations save industrial clients money by recycling process water and limiting their production and dumping of waste and waste by-products.

High-quality reverse osmosis membranes, chemicals and plants from Veolia. Enquire now.

Standard Packaged Products For Reverse Osmosis

Veolia has recently launched its Standard Products water treatment technologies to cater for water demands in rapidly growing and increasingly urbanised populations throughout Africa. For its reverse osmosis offering, Veolia provides RO MEGA and seawater desalination packaged products.

Manufactured, assembled and tested at our factory in South Africa, the range offers various benefits:

  • Prefabricated and Factory Acceptance Tested in-house for rapid deployment on site
  • Short assembly, installation and commissioning procedures
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Cost-effective alternative to in-ground plants

RO MEGA – standard reverse osmosis water treatment systems

RO MEGA is a low power, highly efficient standard packaged reverse osmosis-based water treatment solution used to provide process and drinking water to municipalities and industry. The system removes up to 99% of dissolved inorganics, organics, colloids and solid particles. They are cost-effective, compact and modular, providing feed flow rates from 6 to 168 m3/hr.

Seawater Desalination – standard reverse osmosis water treatment systems

Ideal for coastal regions with limited water and energy resources, our seawater desalination standard products use reverse osmosis to provide drinking water to municipalities and lodges. With a flow rate of up to 3 Ml/day, they are also used to provide process water to industries such as power generation and mining.

Veolia has introduced advanced energy recovery systems in to its seawater desalination processes that deliver up to 55% energy savings over traditional desalination technology.

Veolia is a world-leader in membrane filtration water treatment.

Desalination Using Reverse Osmosis Water Filters

Veolia offers industrial seawater reverse osmosis technology contained in its industrial seawater reverse osmosis package plants. In South Africa, desalination plants are viable options for long-term drought conditions and in supplementing existing water infrastructure.

With increasing uncertainty over the future security of many of the planet's freshwater resources, desalination is being implemented with increasing importance. 97% of the world's water comprises seas and oceans, and reverse osmosis has less energy requirements than thermal separation processes.

Veolia has installed several of South Africa’s major reverse osmosis industrial plants for seawater desalination. These include:

Reverse osmosis water treatment plant Capacity in cubic metres/square Completed

Mossel Bay1

15 000 m3/day

Transnet Saldanha

2 400 m3/day


2 000 m3/day


Plettenberg Bay2

2 000 m3/day

Bushman’s River Mouth

1 800 m3/day

Lambert’s Bay

1 700 m3/day

Cannon Rocks

750 m3/day

  1. Largest operational desalination plant in SA
  2. This plant included considerable aesthetic design considerations in order to blend it with the surrounding upmarket tourist area.

Small scale desalination plant solutions

Veolia is capable of providing small scale, reliable potable water solutions using reverse osmosis desalination. This is ideal for use in temporary and remote coastal settlements.

Reverse osmosis water treatment technology can be fitted into a mobile, compact container with a simple plug and play installation procedure. These systems, like high brackish reverse osmosis package plants, among others, are used throughout Africa to support drinking, bathing and irrigation requirements.

Veolia manufactures high-quality reverse osmosis membranes and chemicals.

Hydrex™ Chemical Conditioning Products for Membrane Systems

The HYDREX™ 4000 range is approved by leading international membrane manufacturers. It offers specifically formulated chemicals that keep reverse osmosis membranes free of scale and bacterial growth, and aid in extending membrane life. Suitable for any membrane process, these chemicals play an important role during each stage of a plant's life cycle, from pre-treatment to preservation.

Membrane Filtration Water Treatment

In addition to reverse osmosis membrane technology, Veolia offers filtration systems for the physical, mechanical and biological separation of solids from water. These filtration methods are used in the treatment of industrial effluent, process water, municipal wastewater and drinking water, as well as in water reuse applications.

They are also used as pre-treatment steps to membrane processes and desalination of seawater. In addition to the range of conventional filtration used in its water treatment processes, Veolia South Africa filtration technologies include ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and microfiltration to provide safe water for industrial and municipal use.


Ultrafiltration is used to remove particulates and macromolecules from untreated natural water to produce potable water. Ultrafiltration membrane filtration uses either pressure forces or concentration gradients to enable separation through semipermeable membranes. Suspended solids and high molecular weight solutes are retained while the water and low molecular weight solutes pass through.


Nanofiltration is a filtration process used in water treatment most often used when dealing with low total dissolved solids (TDS) in surface water or fresh groundwater. It is used for softening and removal natural and synthetic organic matter.


Microfiltration frees water streams of micro-organisms and suspended particles from process water through special pore-sized membranes (microfilters). It usually serves as a pre-treatment for other separation processes like UF and post-treatment for granular media filtration.


How Reverse Osmosis Works

By applying external pressure, reverse osmosis drives a given solution through a semi-permeable membrane designed to overcome its osmotic pressure. Under normal osmotic circumstances, the solution would travel from lower saline concentration to high concentrations.

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