Sludge Treatment and Handling

We help customers in the municipal and industrial sectors deal with sludge efficiently and safely. With one of the world’s largest technology portfolios for sludge treatment, our solutions help operators:

  • Ensure compliance
  • Reduce potential health risks
  • Minimise environmental impact
  • Recover energy and usable products from sludge

Veolia’s sludge technologies provide optimum solutions to treat and handle sludge generated across primary, secondary and tertiary water treatment. We tailor specific treatment systems to adapt to the nature of your sludge and its final use drawing on leading technologies, such as:

  • Wet air oxidation
  • Incineration
  • Co-incineration
  • Solar drying
  • Thermal drying
  • Continuous thermal hydrolysis
  • Batch thermal hydrolysis

Whether you need to reduce sludge mass and moisture content, incinerate or recycle it, Veolia Water Technologies will ensure you handle sludge with the most cost-effective, reliable process.

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Where dewatered solids from the sludge treatment process have traditionally been sent to landfill, today, we have the technologies to selectively harvest valuable, saleable goods from the waste, which can significantly lower the overall cost of treatment.

Sludge from industrial waste streams may contain a whole range of reusable matter, such as heavy metals and compounds like nickel sulphate, sodium sulphate and ammonium sulphate and other valuable commodities that can be extracted and reused.

Waste streams with high COD content contain latent, usable energy in the form of biogas produced during anaerobic digestion. This biogas can be used to generate electricity on-site. Depending on the level of COD, such plants have been able to meet over 90% of their energy requirements this way.


treatment at Ambatovy Mine recovers valuable minerals from the mine waste
effluent that’s then sold to agriculture.

Ambatovy Mine in Madagascar uses Veolia sludge treatment technologies to extract over 200 000 tons of ammonium sulphate each year, which it then sells as fertiliser to the agricultural industry.

What was initially conceived of as a significant solid waste ‘problem’ requiring an expensive disposal solution is now a secondary revenue stream for the mine that offsets it costs of production and thus improves its profitability.

Our designs minimise sludge generation in the initial phases of water treatment. For sludge that remains after recovery, we minimise weight and volume and remove harmful substances prior to disposal. Our sustainable treatment solutions meet rigorous health and environmental standards.


While managing the increasing sludge volumes generated by municipal and industrial wastewater treatment processes is a major environmental challenge worldwide, with leading technologies combinations, we turn sludge into a resource.

Technologies we apply to extract value from sludge:

  • ATHOS™: A sludge Hydro-Thermal Oxidation (HTO) process that turns organic sludge with low dry matter into an essentially solid mineral by injecting pure oxygen into the sludge under pressure. 
  • PYROFLUID™: PYROFLUID™ is a thermal treatment solution for sewage sludge removal. With a fluidised-bed incinerator operating at 850° C, sludge is fully combusted in seconds.
  • BIOCON™: The BIOCON™ Dryer efficiently and safely treats municipal dewatered sludge, achieving 65% and 90% reduction in moisture content using hot air circulation. 
  • SOLIA™ Mix: The new generation of solar sludge drying, SOLIA™ MIX achieves a dry solids content up to 90%, reducing sludge volume and removal costs.
  • EXELYS™: An innovative and complete sludge reduction solution that works in continuous mode, combining thermal hydrolysis and anaerobic digestion.
  • BIOTHELYS™: Sludge reduction solution working in batch mode, also combining thermal hydrolysis and anaerobic digestion.
  • ANITA™: ANITA™ helps achieve an energy-neutral wastewater treatment plant while responding to more stringent regulation in terms of nitrogen concentration in treated water.
  • DENSESLUDGE™: By reducing sludge volumes by up to 90%, Veolia helps lower the cost of water treatment and sludge management in Acid Mine/ Rock Drainage (AMD/ARD) systems.
ensure maximum value from your wastewater treatment processes by converting
sludge into biomass and biogas. From activated sludge to drying, Veolia will
help you drive down costs of your operation.

We apply our global technological leadership to help clients extract valuable bio-solids and produce beneficial by-products. By converting sludge into energy, we help offset wastewater treatment plant operation costs.


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