Our Business


Large- and small-scale plants and package plants for drinking water; treating and reusing water economically and sustainably. 


Specialised industrial process water and wastewater treatment. Includes AMD, sludge and effluent treatment, re-use and recovery. 

Latest Technologies

Our expert technologies provide a full range of water solutions and services.

Drinking water: for municipalities and remote locations.

Desalination: seawater or brackish water plants of all sizes.

Wastewater: Small-scale custom or standard package plants to large-scale treatment plants.

Mine water: from pre-treatment to resource recovery including AMD

What's New


Desalination solutions for seawater and brackish water

Thermal and membrane desalination solutions for coastal and inland water shortage needs, with environmental considerations, for small and large-scale municipal and industrial requirements.

Package Plants

Developed by Africa for Africa - simply plug in and switch on

Containerised modular plants for efficient and reliable potable water or wastewater treatment in remote locations. Standard or customised to treat any raw water source. 


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Discover our full range of Hydrex® chemicals and other consumables for municipalities and industry. 

Operations & Maintenance

Technical assistance, operation without maintenance, planned maintenance without operation, operation and maintenance, and Build, Own & Operate contracts.