Our Business


Large- and small-scale plants and package plants for drinking water; treating and reusing water economically and sustainably. 


Specialised industrial process water and wastewater treatment. Includes AMD, sludge and effluent treatment, re-use and recovery. 

Latest Technologies

Our expert technologies provide a full range of water solutions and services.

Biological wastewater treatment: Biotech plays a central role in water recycling and sewage treatment

Desalination: Membrane-based seawater and inland brackish water desalination

Trickling filters: Ideal for mine camps, special projects and small settlements

Water reuse: We treat even the dirtiest wastewater to potable water

What's New

Ambitions for Africa

Tailor-made solutions that are meeting Africa’s needs for water treatment

New goals, new strategy! Read about our solutions that are meeting Africa’s evolving needs for highly efficient, robust, low-footprint water treatment systems by offering global technology solutions within localised service, support and management structures.

Mobile Water Treatment

A truly African innovation! The mobile water treatment plant is a truck-mounted containerised plant that offers exceptional mobility in meeting emergency or temporary water treatment requirements, with dramatic efficiency improvements over regular tankers ferrying water or dealing with waste.

Containerised Plants

Developed by Africa for Africa – simply plug in and switch on

As a solutions- and customer-focused water treatment company, Veolia engineers containerised water treatment plants with fast turnaround times to respond to emergency and flexible treatment requirements. Robust, reliable and plug-and-play!

Water Reuse

Treating wastewater for reuse offers big water users an opportunity to greatly reduce their operational costs. As a leading water treatment company, we’ve supplied some of southern Africa’s largest and most important water reuse plants in both the municipal and industrial sectors.


Are you using Hydrex™ chemicals in your water cycle? We manufacture over 400 chemical formulas for any industrial, commercial and municipal water treatment requirement. Find out why this is one of the world’s leading water treatment chemical ranges!